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A book signing by two local writers will be held at the newly renovated Fountain Hills Community Center on Saturday, December 11. Rosemarie Malroy and Effie-Alean Gross invite friends, neighbors, students, teachers, veterans, associates and winter visitors to share their love of reading and writing. They each celebrate the release of their fiction and non-fiction books.

Malroy’s “Forever Loving” is a Christian love story that takes place during the American Revolutionary War with the two divided groups: the Tories, loyal to England, and the Whigs, loyal to the American colonies. Research into Malroy’s family ancestry brought surprising discoveries and fueled the imagination of his novel.

In contrast, Gross publishes three non-fiction books, including “Hillbilly He’ven”, “Ecclesiastes: Sonnet Digest” and “Stories That (Really) Matter: Biblical Reflections.” The latter is a literary work with the approval of Dr. Leland Ryken, Professor Emeritus, Wheaton College (Billy Graham’s alma mater). He is the author or publisher of over 50 books, including “The Christian Imagination”.

Malroy and Gross first met in a group of writers in Fountain Hills almost 30 years ago. Although they have never collaborated on a book, the two criticize each other and get ideas for improving their manuscripts. Monthly meetings with the Fountain Hills Christian Writers Group benefited them and other attendees. Over the years, the writers have met in four different churches in the community. For a while, a smaller group also gathered at the local Denny’s restaurant to discuss all things writing: ideas, markets, characters, plot, readers and literary agents.

The duo said the writing is very personal, so it’s no wonder that deep friendships can and do evolve. Malroy and Gross have traveled to writers’ conferences as far as Texas and Indiana, and as near as Scottsdale. Gross has attended the famous Iowa Summer Writers Workshop twice. There she studied with the late WP Kinsella, author of “Shoeless Joe”, which was later adapted into the film “Field of Dreams”. On another occasion, she studied with the late Ray Bradbury, a famous science fiction writer for “Fahrenheit 451”. Malroy studied with Oregon Poet Laureate the late Dr. William Stafford, who has written 35 books and won a National Book Award for “Traveling Through the Dark.”

Malroy and Gross have both traveled extensively, sometimes together. They visited Estonia, Russia and Sweden on an occasion where they experienced cultures, people and ideas as the raw material for future writings. Malroy’s historical fiction, “Forever Loving”, is set in the North American colonies ending on St. Edward Island, Canada. Malroy’s ancestors once lived there and recently she visited the island with members of her family.

Gross has published over 200 articles and has been a fan of classic short stories since graduating from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. From her love of literature and the Bible, she compared 15 famous short stories with 15 Bible stories. The result is a critical thinking-based analysis resulting in a reading experience that she believes can be enjoyed by teenage students through to baby boomers.

Both books by the two authors were rated favorably by Elsie Hoffarber in the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church publication, “Library Footnotes.” She said, “In our library there is a waiting list for Effie and Rosemarie’s books.”

On Saturday, December 11, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., a book signing will be held in Ballroom 1 of the Fountain Hills Community Center. A program starting at 2:30 p.m. features local soloist Cassie Hanson, readings by Malroy and Gross, a draw for prizes (valued up to $ 300), vocals, refreshments and personalized / signed copies . The community is invited to attend for free. The sale of books will be available. They are also available on Amazon.

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