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Texas is on the ballot

It’s mid-season, y’all! This means we can vote for the people who decide Texas laws and regulations. We vote for the people who fix the Texas grid, fund education in Texas, decide Texas mask mandates, decide health care access for Texans. Texas is on the ballot!

Ads for Republican candidates are dominated by phrases such as “I will fight Biden-Harris policies.” In most cases, their jobs don’t have the power to fight the White House. Their pimping divides and polarizes. It’s humiliating for voters, who are looking for meaningful conversations.

Meanwhile, Democrats talk about fixing the grid, funding education and making health care accessible. They work on repairing infrastructure for the masses moving to Texas. They make education accessible to compete in global economies.

Do you vote for someone who fights against and not for something? Or are you voting to make Texas an internationally known destination for doing business, while ensuring that every Texan prospers?

Chanda Parbhoo, Dallas

The fight was needed sooner

As a resident of Old East Dallas for 33 years, I respect John Bryant’s service and voted for him. He says he wants to get off the sideline and “fight those guys”. Well, John, where were you when so many people like me fought again and again for our old home in District 108? Always fighting the relentless waves of conservative legislation. We really needed you then — your voice, your approval, a contribution. We have come so close. If you had been with us then – who knows?

Carrie SchweitzerDallas

From liberal to socialist?

Subject: “Not a Republican, Not a Socialist,” by John R. Dorgan, February 11 Letters.

In Dorgan’s letter, he gave the dictionary definition of socialists. Has anyone noticed that Republicans have gone from liberal to socialist? Maybe someone gave them the definition of liberal. Liberal: Not bound by authoritarianism, open-minded, defender or supporter of individual rights.

Jo Adams, Dallas/Turtle Creek

If the tags are wrong…

In all the stories I’ve read about fraudulent paper tags, no one has mentioned that users’ vehicles probably haven’t been inspected or are probably uninsured. This is a real danger to law-abiding citizens who abide by the mandate requiring insurance. Oops, there’s that word again.

Don Walter, Dallas

Internet is the real threat

Re: “Silence is the real threat, not books – I wrote a book for my students in Houston, but now high schools are suppressing it”, by Ashley Hope Pérez, Sunday Opinion.

shades of Fahrenheit 451! I’m all for age-appropriate material, but there’s some hypocritical outrage from a few parents and too many politicians calling for the books to be banned as they turn a blind eye to the internet. Alice and Jerry, fictional characters in one of my elementary school books, now have full access to all the vile stuff on the internet, but no politician is going to call for a ban on this garbage or what’s on on social media platforms. The internet and social media will hurt children more than anything they read in the public library. Or violent video games. In a way, these things are appropriate. Will mom or dad take their children’s smartphone or computer? Nope.

If this is the path we are headed, then moms and dads should get a big marker and black out the Song of Songs in their Bibles. It celebrates sexual love and intimacy. Oh, and the great bard, Williams Shakespeare, is pretty bawdy too. Better put it on your hit list as well.

Francis Gibbons, Rockwall

silly question and answer

Re: “New call to test Biden’s memory – Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson writes another letter targeting the president’s sanity,” February 10 article.

What did U.S. Representative Ronny Jackson expect from President Joe Biden when Biden gave a sarcastic response to a Fox News reporter who asked him if inflation was a political liability. It certainly doesn’t mean Biden is in cognitive decline when Biden sarcastically replied, “No, that’s a great asset. No more inflation.

Like my mom always said, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.” The Fox News reporter, as is usually the case, was baiting the president. With so many crises in the world right now, the President of the United States surely doesn’t have the time or the patience for nonsense.

Mary Pritchard, Midlothian

Where is Ware?

Like many football fans, I watched NFL Honors last week. During this annual ceremony, many of the National Football League’s greatest players received some of the league’s highest honors. One award stands out above the rest: induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

When this year’s Hall of Fame inductees were announced, it became apparent that one name was missing: DeMarcus Ware. When players faced the Dallas Cowboys, they simultaneously feared and respected Ware. His name was synonymous with defensive greatness.

His omission from the Class of 2022 is simply stunning. When this year’s inductees were announced, I sat in stunned silence. Ware may not have been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, but make no mistake, he is unquestionably one of the greatest defenders in professional football history. Cowboys fans, wear these 94 jerseys with pride. I believe Ware will soon be a Hall of Famer.

Jeff Fields McCormack, Troop, Texas

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