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Pont24 Online Ltd. (hereinafter PM), as the operator of the Klertofesas site (EU tax number HU14918058, Headquarters: Toportyán utca 27 Budapest 1213.), acknowledges and agrees by using the calculator and / or the site, the Terms of Use and the Legal Information. By registering the User, a distance contract between the Parties is entered into.

Advertising Services appearing on the Klertofesas Site – those where the User arrives at the Principal’s Financial Institution Site, these bank advertisements are for information purposes only, calculations CCXXXVII of 2013 on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises. of the Financial Services Act (“Hpt.”) and the products and services provided by insurance companies pursuant to Section 4 (1) of Act LXXXVIII of 2014 on Insurance Activities (“Bit.”) and of the Hpt. Section 10 (1) (b) (bb) of the Hpt. Article 6 (1) (90) (b) of the Agents Act or the Hpt. Section 10 para. (1) (b) (bc) of the Hpt. 6 (1), point 90 (d).

The information on the Klertofesas site does not contain the full terms and conditions or the information contained herein is for information purposes only.

Interest rate and APR payable on the loan amount

Interest rate and APR payable on the loan amount

The monthly installment amount, the term, the total amount to be repaid and the additional terms and conditions of your loan agreement, the GTC and Announcement of the selected financial institution contains details.

The content of Advertisements displayed on Klertofesas’s calculator, where the incoming page is the site of the Principal’s financial institution, including links to external websites (“external websites”) contained in the Advertisements, and the content of external websites is determined and commissioned by the Employers. PM shall not be liable or liable for any damages in connection with the content of such advertisements and external web sites, including, but not limited to, the truthfulness, completeness, validity and legality of the information published therein and for Visitors from advertisements and / or external web sites was responsible for the accuracy of its conclusions and for the damages it sustained in connection with its consumer decisions regarding advertising and external websites. PM strives to keep up to date with all banking information and service enhancements to provide Users.

More accurate and transparent information

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Klertofesas, PM assumes no responsibility or liability for the up-to-date accuracy of the credit information on this site (deviations from rounding errors in calculator), the information on this site is for information purposes only, is not an offer or invitation to tender.

Applying for a loan, applying for a banking service, applying for a published bank loan, or comparing tables created by the program is for information purposes only, is not an offer, does not represent a contractual obligation for any party, nor is a financial institution obligated to lend.

It is important that you take the time to inquire with the Financial Institutions before making an informed decision about using the service of your choice .

Pay attention to your current and future financial capacity

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Please consider your household’s carrying capacity before applying for a loan! We would like to draw your attention to the Consumer Protection website of the National Bank of Hungary, the product descriptions, comparative applications and the MNB’s information on the risks of over-indebtedness.

If the application is rejected, the PM and the financial institution will not be liable for any damage resulting from the rejection of the application. As an intermediary service provider, Klertofesas does not verify the content of the information it has made available, nor does it look for any facts or circumstances suggesting the existence of an illegal activity. Klertofesas shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the mediation of the credit application.


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