Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson’s New Netflix Movie Finale Scene Called ‘Best Fight Scene Ever’

Fans are thrilled with Netflix’s new action-comedy starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, not least because of its epic final fight scene. Check it out:

The man from Toronto might have failed in critics’ reviews, scoring just 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, but on Twitter, viewers are praising the dizzying one-hit fight sequence.

The multi-person brawl takes place in the gym that Hart’s character Teddy works for as he and Harrelson’s titular assassin clash with a group of henchmen.

And they certainly make good use of the equipment on offer – against axes and chainsaws, the duo take out opponents with weights, kettle bells, and at one point we even see Teddy putting on all the show in the ring. boxing.

On social media, fans went wild over the two-minute extravaganza, with one writing, “That final fight scene in Toronto man is so good.”

“OMG The man from Toronto just gave me the funniest fight scene i’ve ever seen…i still love kevin,” said another.

A third who clearly enjoyed the film added: “The man from Toronto is such a good movie. Solid 9/10. And the last wow fight scene. Poetry in motion. The music. The camera works. Wow.”

“The fight scene in the gym near the end of The man from Toronto will remind you of a Jackie Chan movie,” said a fourth. “It was a great watch. Check it all out.”

However, not everyone was into it, including this person who said: “The man from Toronto is a NO for me. The fight scenes didn’t look real; I feel like they tried to copy the fight scene in The king’s man – and failed.”

Well, you must have your detractors, huh?

If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet and are wondering what it’s all about, the plot centers on a hilarious case of mistaken identity after Teddy, a bumbling business adviser , clashed with the world’s deadliest assassin known as The Man from Toronto. .

According to Netflix, the action-comedy “blends classic mistaken-identity shenanigans with the heart-pounding pace of big-screen spy drama, resulting in something fresh and hilarious.”

Just as the two characters meet in the film, the same happened off-screen, with Harrelson and Hart drawing inspiration from each other.

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, Hart said: “Woody’s lifestyle, his approach to life, his way of living. There’s a sense of ease and [happiness] that many people are looking for. And that only some find.”

He added: “That’s the one thing I took away from him… It’s rare you get to meet a lot of these people, but he’s really unique. I put him in a special place, as a friend … I’ve never met anyone like him.”

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson got inspired while working on the Netflix movie. Credit: Netflix

Harrelson, meanwhile, said of his co-star, “I was really surprised by his wisdom and business acumen. I never thought of things as he sees them. It really gets the whole picture. He taught me a lot. »

The man from Toronto is available to stream on Netflix now.

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