Ken Ham Announces New Movie Where Dinosaurs Go Wild On ‘Jurassic Ark’

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY—Speaking at a talk at the Ark Encounter today, Ken Ham revealed a trailer for Answers in Genesis’ next big project: a feature film titled Jurassic Ark. In the thrilling big-budget action flick, a rogue wave topples the raptor cages onto the ark, freeing the dinos to roam the boat ship and hunt down its eight terrified passengers.

“I am proud to present to you: Jurassic ArkHam said as thousands of conference attendees squealed with delight. “Coming next summer, this blockbuster movie will delight and entertain your family and will also convince you without a doubt that the earth is 6,000 years old and you need Jesus to save your life. Sins.”

The trailer opens with a shot of Noah boarding the ark with his family, with the biblical hero trying to put on his broken seat belt but ending up buckling it. Various scenes of terrified Ark passengers hiding in the darkness as raptors traverse the dark passages are then shown.

“You brought raptors to the ark?!” Noah’s wife asks him as they hide in the kitchen while the raptors try to figure out how to operate the handle. “You spent so much time asking if you could install raptors on the ark that you never asked if you should.”

In another scene, Noah pours himself wine but is horrified when the liquid slowly begins to ripple.

“Oh no. Not the T-Rex too!” he shouts running to hide in the bathroom.

Some have criticized the film, saying there is no evidence that raptors terrorized Noah and his family in the Bible. Ken Ham ended those complaints by asking, “How do you know? Were you there?”

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