Jonah Hill’s upcoming movie playing Jerry Garcia may be Oscar-worthy

Fans are so excited about Jonah Hill’s upcoming portrayal of Jerry Garcia that they think there might be a distant scent of Oscar, not least because he managed to have one of the biggest names in the world directed. ‘Hollywood.

The untitled biopic about Garcia’s band The Grateful Dead will see Hill step in to play the iconic frontman, and he will also produce through his Strong Baby banner alongside his business partner Matt Dines.

None other than Martin Scorsese will serve as a director, having notably worked with Hill on The wolf of Wall Street.

Jerry Garca. Credit: Alamy

After the project was announced in November, many people flocked to social media to express how “excited” they were for the film, with some even speculating that the project may well award Hill an Oscar.

“Could that mean an Oscar for Jonah?” One tweeted.

Someone else wrote: “Scorsese + @JonahHill as Jerry Garcia is an Oscar starter pack.”

A third added: “Jonah Hill as Jerry Garcia is a God-level cast of the Old Testament.”

Hill appeared on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month, explaining how the idea came about.

The star said he had just launched Strong Baby Productions when a flash of inspiration came to him while browsing social media.

“I’m on Instagram, Covid has just started, we’re all stuck in our homes,” he recalled.

“And I see this picture of Jerry Garcia when he’s young, and I’m like, ‘Wow, why hasn’t anyone done that? Why hasn’t anyone made a movie? I could play Jerry Garcia.

“And then I spent the next hour and a half dissuading myself, saying, ‘Don’t show that to anyone. Do not say that. You are going to look crazy. You are not good enough. You are not that. You are not that. And, you know, ‘It’s an icon and it’s just a picture.’

“And I finally got the job done in my head to be like ‘No, share it with the people you work with.'”

Hill sent the concept to people at his company, along with his manager Rick, who all told him it was a “great idea.”

He continued, “And then Rick manages Martin Scorsese, and we worked together on The wolf of Wall Street, and he said, ‘You know who would like that, it’s Martin Scorsese.’

Martin Scorsese.  Credit: Alamy
Martin Scorsese. Credit: Alamy

“And my partner Matt and I were like, ‘Yeah, sure. Sounds good … I bet he’ll like it a lot.’

“And we ask ourselves, ‘What’s going on? ”

“And then Marty said yes, he wanted to make a Grateful Dead movie with me as Jerry Garcia.”

He added: “It’s okay [from] “I shouldn’t even send this because I’m not valuable enough to even express an idea” for your hero to make a movie about your other hero. And so it’s a great story. “

Hill also confirmed that the writing team was already working hard on the script, saying his “favorite writers” – Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski – “are writing it now.”

“It’s exciting,” he said.

“Hope it works.”

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