Joaquin Phoenix responds to Joker sequel movie rumors


Joaquin Phoenix has responded to speculation that there may be a sequel to the hugely popular Joker at some point in the future.

Of course, the first film was incredibly successful and saw Phoenix win the Oscar for Best Actor.

Since then, rumors of a second film have been rife, but nothing concrete has yet emerged.

Now Phoenix has at least speculated on where his character Arthur Fleck – a troubled comedian who descends into madness and violence – might be taken if another movie were to materialize.

Of his role in the 2019 movie, he told Playlist: “He’s an interesting guy, there are things we could do with this guy and [explore] any further.

“But as to whether we will actually do it? I do not know.

So, that’s not exactly what fans will want to hear, as there is no evidence to suggest that there will actually be a second film from the Joker-verse, but Phoenix’s comments aren’t the only suggestion that there might be more to come yet.

Credit: DC Films / Warner Bros.

Specifically, comments on the director of the first film, Todd Phillips.

OK, indulge us here as it’s all a bit vague, but the theory comes from an article published by The Hollywood Reporter about some powerful lawyers in the movie industry, specifically their entry on Warren Dern.

In this entry on Dern – who counts Phillips as a client – they said, “Todd Phillips has made a deal to co-write the next episode of Joker.”

Again, it’s not exactly set in stone, but there are some encouraging signs for fans of Joker there, that’s for sure.

In another report from THR, in which they claimed to have received information from an industry insider, said that a “planned sequel” was definitely in the works at Warner Bros.

This article, which focused largely on the next Superman leaf through, said the second Joker the film “will take place in the same universe”.

It could certainly be interesting.

Credit: DC Films / Warner Bros.
Credit: DC Films / Warner Bros.

If the sequel can be made, it will certainly be a box office success, given the success of the first.

It quickly became the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time and won 11 Oscar nominations, so if they could recapture that magic and gain critical support, there’s no reason why they can’t do it again.

Interesting things, to say the least.

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