Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty Is Netflix’s Best Movie In 91 Countries



Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that his latest Netflix movie the guilty won first place in 91 countries. You can see a trailer here:

Netflix is ​​known to be pretty low-key about its viewership stats, but it looks like Gyllenhaal wanted to shout it from the rooftops, posting on Instagram to say, “We made this movie in 11 days. You made it number one. one in 91 countries. “

The tense thriller centers on troubled LAPD officer Joe Baylor, who has been demoted to manager in an ongoing investigation into his conduct.

While working, Baylor receives an emergency call from a distressed woman who reveals that she has been abducted, leaving her children in danger.

Baylor is then engaged in a race against time to save the woman. But as more details about adduction are exposed, it becomes clear that he’s dealing with something much bigger than he originally thought.

the guilty, which is based on a 2018 Danish film of the same name, was shot during the coronavirus pandemic in just 11 days.

Alongside Gyllenhaal, the film also stars Ethan Hawke and Paul Dano – who viewers don’t actually see.

It was directed by Antoine Fuqua, who previously worked with Gyllenhaal on left-handed.

The duo had originally planned to film the whole thing in less than a week, with the actor telling MSN Entertainment: “When I first sent the script to Antoine, what I said was, ‘Let’s shoot this film in five days’.

“It really got us excited, the idea that we could shoot the movie in a very short period of time, the pressure would be high, just like the character of Joe Baylor is.

“And if there’s anything I know about Antoine, he likes that pressure, and we both thrive in that space.”

Credit: Netflix

However, despite only having a handful of stars on screen, the film proved to be more difficult to film than originally thought.

Notably because someone Fuqua knew tested positive for Covid-19, which means he must have directed a trailer while watching the action on screens.

Nonetheless, it seems it was worth all the stress with Gyllenhaal revealing the guilty will be seen in 69 million homes in its first four weeks.

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