Is the Korean movie Teen Romance based on a true story?


Netflix has released a handful of Korean movies as the platform gains popularity due to its K-dramas. 20th century girl fans in love with its heartwarming yet heartbreaking story of what it means to fall in love at a young age. The Korean teen romance movie hits home for many viewers who reminisce about their younger years of friendship and crush. 20th century girl the director indicates whether the screenplay is based on a true story.

Actor Kim Yoo-jung as Na Bo-ra in ’20th Century Girl’ | through Netflix

A young teenager finds her first true love in “20th Century Girl”

By now, fans know the ins and outs of the film’s story. Na Bo-ra (Kim Yoo-jung) is an average 17-year-old high school girl whose family owns the local video store. Her story begins when her best friend Yeon-du (Roh Yoon-seo) leaves Korea to undergo heart surgery. Bo-ra must know all about Yeon-du’s prince charming, Baek Hyun-jin (Park Jung-woo).

Along the way, learning all about him, she also catches the interest of her best friend, Poong Woon-ho (Byeon Woo-seok). In a comedic twist of events, Hyun-jin develops a crush on Bo-ra, which she rejects for Yeon-du’s sake.

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But that leaves the door open for her to realize her feelings for Woon-ho. As they fall in love, Yeon-du returns and Bo-ra learns that her real crush is Woon-ho. The day she met him, he was wearing Hyun-jin’s jacket. Many hearts are broken as Bo-ra crushes Woon-ho’s feelings for her so Yeon-du can date him. Her decision led to further heartache and a rift between friends. Yeon-du learns the truth and tricks her into confessing to Woon-ho before she leaves for New Zealand.

20th century girl then cuts to a heartbreaking and sad ending. An adult Bo-ra (Han Hyo-joo) learns why Woon-ho never came back with her. She learns from her brother that he decided to return to Korea but died in 2001. Bo-ra was her first and only love. 20th century girl has relatable elements, but the director reveals if it’s a true story.

’20th Century Girl’ Director Reveals Some Details Are True Story

In a featurette video with the cast and Netflix director, they break down the filming process and their thoughts while working on the film. Not only did they reveal actor Byeon Woo-sik returning home on the train during the emotional farewell, but some information about the director.

Actor Kim comically explains that the film was inspired by director Bang Woo-ri, who hails from Cheongju, where the film is based. She goes on to joke that Bo-ra is, in fact, director Bang. The director denies it with a laugh as the cast cheers him on. While the whole story of 20th century girl is not based on a true story, a few elements were true of director Bang’s teenage years.

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“It’s true that I had the idea from my childhood. I wrote observational notes about the boy my friend liked in the swap log,” the manager explained. She also reveals to still have the diary and calls it “the movie bible”. Director Bang explains to Soompi, “Thinking about it now, it’s an embarrassing story, but I made history with it thinking it was only possible during this time of life.”

In 20th century girl, Bo-ra writes down all her observations and details about Hyun-jin in a small notebook. She writes down everything from his height, his sports interests and the soda he likes to drink. She then tells Yeon-du at night via email. The Netflix film is set in 1999 and does the job of stirring up nostalgic emotions in fans who were themselves teenagers at the time. From blurry and saturated colors, beeps and chunky square computers to VHS tapes, film is the epitome of the 20th century.

Actor Byeon Woo-seok may have fallen in love with Kim Yoo-jung during filming

During the featurette, it was no surprise actor Byeon teased that he may have fallen in love with Kim during a scene. In 20th century girl, Bo-ra and the school are on an overnight trip. Bo-ra and her friends sneak in booze, and she gets a little drunk.

While making a splash, Woon-ho saves her from getting caught by the professor. In a small supply room in a misty yellow setting, Bo-ra falls in love with Woon-ho’s beauty. Woon-ho can’t help but stare at his crush. “My heart was pounding at the time,” Byeon explained. Kim teased that it was like he was nervous.

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Actor Park pokes fun that Byeon may have fallen in love with his co-star. “Maybe I was. I don’t know,” Byeon said while trying to dismiss the idea. made his red ears and flushed face real.

20th century girl is available on Netflix.

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