Idris Elba’s Accent Was So Bad In The Movie They Had To Dub Over It

Idris Elba has found huge success on both sides of the Atlantic in many British and American roles. While he’s now praised for his convincing American accent, that wasn’t always the case. Watch the clip below:

The Golden Globe and NAACP award-winning star, who turns 50 today (September 6), revealed in an interview on The Graham Norton Show in 2018 that his American accent was so bad it had to be dubbed.

Before starring in acclaimed TV series and movies like LutherThread and Mandela: a long road to freedomIdris had a small role in the 1994 British detective series space district.

Elba told the audience how he heard that a clip from his episode, titled Double Dutyappeared on YouTube and after finding it, he wanted to clarify what happened to his voice.

“They dubbed my voice,” he shared with the audience and guests Kate Winslet and Chris Rock. “It is not me.”

Rock then joked, “That’s actually me!”

Idris Elba’s American accent wasn’t always good. Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

It turns out that Elba wasn’t too happy with the unknown voice actor’s American accent that was used to replace her own.

“Whoever it was, he didn’t even have a good American accent either,” he joked.

After watching the short scene, it’s clear why Elba wasn’t happy with her replacement.

Teasing the clip, Norton said: “It’s Idris, but very subtly, and the voice acting is beautifully done – you might not even notice it’s not Idris speaking.”

The Thor The actor only has a short scene as a pizza delivery boy in intergalactic space and the cartoonish American voice-over dubbed Elba’s is hard to miss.

For the past few weeks the east London native has been busy promoting his new film The beast who made headlines after revealing her daughter failed to land a role in the feature film.

Isan Elba, 20, auditioned to play Elba’s character’s daughter, but she didn’t get the part. She was so unimpressed that she stopped talking to her father for almost a month.

Credit: BBC/Grove Television Enterprises.
Credit: BBC/Grove Television Enterprises.

“The relationship in the movie and the relationship between my daughter was, the chemistry wasn’t right for the movie. Weirdly enough,” Elba told the radio show.

Elba added that her daughter “didn’t talk to [him] for about three weeks when she got the phone call from film producer Will Packer to confirm she hadn’t landed the part.

We hope the audition didn’t require an American accent…

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