Idris Elba says Luther’s movie is over and will open up a whole new world

Idris Elba shared some exciting new developments for the future Luther film, saying it will “open the doors” to the long-running crime thriller series.

While plot details have been kept under wraps, we know the 50-year-old actor will be joined by the likes of Genius stars Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis of the Lord of the Rings celebrity.

We also know that while the Netflix feature will stay true to the five-season show it’s based on, it will also be a story in its own right.

Idris Elba said he finished shooting the movie Luther. Credit: BBC

Elaborating on the project while promoting his recent blockbuster The beastElba told LADbible, “The Luther movie, guess what, we finished it and we have some finishing work to do on the movie but it’s almost there.

“We’re really proud of that.”

When asked if there were any unexpected characters returning, of course, Idris wasn’t allowed to say.

But he shared an exciting little tidbit, telling us, “The world of Luther like a TV show and a movie is similar, but the movie has [huge] ladder.

“We open the doors and widen them so that anything is possible when you can do it.”

All aboard the hype train!

Although a release date is TBC, it looks like we won’t have to wait too long to find out when.

Considering the star donned the famous mantle and chased bad guys for eight years, it’s no surprise he’s always been keen on seeing the show make its way to the big screen.

The fifth and final season aired over four consecutive nights in 2019, and Elba explained why its format sets things up perfectly for a movie.

Fans can't wait to see Luther's debut on the big screen.  Credit: BBC
Fans can’t wait to see Luther’s debut on the big screen. Credit: BBC

During a previous meeting with LADbible, before the start of the film project, he explained: “For me, it would be nice to take Luther climb a ladder. Expand the script, make it a bit more international.”

When asked how the show would handle telling a story in a 90-minute block rather than multiple hour-long episodes, Elba said, “We did varying seasons, one season was six episodes. , one of four – by Luther adaptable.

“I think if we can find the formula to keep an audience enthralled for an hour and a half, on film, I think Luther definitely has the attributes to make it happen.”

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