I hear the voice of God like in the movie ‘Venom’ – Majid Michel

Award-winning actor turned evangelist Majid Michel says he hears the voice of God the same way Tom Hardy hears the voice of his alien symbiote in the movie “Venom.”

According to him, it is an inner voice that he hears in his head.

Majid Michel revealed that he has known God always since he first became aware of things and at the age of seven, God informed him of an accident that happened before his eyes.

Interacting with The Reason is Jesus host on Joy FM, Fifi Folson, he said, “I’ve known God all my life. There was no turning point. Since I remember being conscious in life, I have known God.

“I am sitting in a cab with people in my house on the North Kaneshie road and I am seven years old. God tells me your cab is going to hit the guy in front of you. And baam! Just there. I was seven years old, very young and I remember it very well.

“How did I know the car was going to hit the guy in front of us?” God told me. Have you seen the movie Venom? Venom is that monster that talks to Tom Hardy. The way the venom talks to the guy is the way you hear it. It’s inside of you. Some people hear it audibly like this. I can hear it audibly.

He recounted a recent directive from God that required him to help a woman financially to further explain her interaction with God.

“Two days ago God told me to give GH500 to this woman and I went back and forth with him a bit. I said ‘are you telling me to give him GH500’? He said yes and I had the desire to give the woman GH500.

According to Majid, he still had doubts and asked “how do I know it’s you? “

But God said “give Andrew GH ¢ 500. I said I didn’t want to. He said give Christy 500 GH ¢. I said I didn’t want. He said why are you feeling desire to give this woman 500 GH ¢, I’m the one telling you to give it to her, she needs it. I gave her the money.

The actor said he knew the directive came from God following a response from the woman he assisted.

“How do I know it’s God?” The next day, she comes to thank me by telling me that I gave her the money just in time. She needed it the moment I gave it to her.

“It’s not like I gave her money or if she used to give her money. His response will let you know where the information is coming from.

For him, it is imperative to hear the voice of God in order to be able to order his steps, because some instructions from God may seem to deviate from certain teachings of the Bible.

“You hear most people say what the Bible says. It’s a good thing to say the Bible said but you have to be bold enough to say God told me – the Bible is a written word and we have the voice of God that can tell you things that even might. sound a little contradictory to some of the scriptures you read. This is why you need a thorough understanding of what is written to know what you are applying for.

“Jesus said to go out into the world and preach the gospel. The Holy Spirit told Paul, he (the Bible) said the Holy Spirit forbade Paul to go to Asia, but I thought you said we should go out into the world and preach the gospel. So why are you telling me not to go to Asia? Because Paul is righteous and Paul can hear. That’s what defines it, that’s what you call the relationship, ”he added.

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