How to Read Jodorowsky’s Unmade Dune Movie “Bible” Online for Free

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s uncreated version of Dune has a production Bible that recently sold millions – here’s how to read it online for free.

The film “Bible” for the defeat of Alejandro Jodorowsky Dunes The film was purchased as an NFT for over two million dollars, but the text is actually available online for free. Only a handful of physical copies of the book still exist. The one auctioned was expected to sell for around $40,000, but was bought nearly 66 times that cost by a decentralized autonomous organization called SpiceDAO, a cryptocurrency-backed collective that has a common interest in Frank Herbert. Dunes series and later adaptations, including Jodorowsky’s unrealized version.

Jodorowsky is an avant-garde French director who was attached to the bar Dunes in the 1970s and planned to adapt the story into a massive 14 hour film. “The greatest movie ever made”, the version of Jodorowsky would have included stars such as Orson Welles as Baron Harkonnen and David Carradine as Duke Atreides, with a soundtrack provided by Pink Floyd. Jodorowsky took his own creative liberties with Herbert’s original text, planning to recreate the story instead of making a simple adaptation.


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The production proved too much for Hollywood to handle and never made it past pre-production. However, Jodorowsky’s Bible for his version of the film has survived, containing hundreds of images and storyboards displaying his vision. Although the SpiceDAO – named after the precious dust collected at Arrakis in the bookshas announced plans to make its purchased copy available to the public, it can already be found online for free in a share Google Photo Album of Dunes Bible.

The Bible images are amazing, showing exactly how detailed Jodorowsky’s imagination of the story was. Readers of Herbert’s novel and those who have seen either Denis Villeneuve’s or David Lynch’s Dunes will recognize some of the images. They include the grotesque Baron Harkonnen suspended in the air, ornithopters and the Fremen people with whom Paul Atreides and his mother find refuge. Jodorowsky had a very clear vision of how the story should appear on screen, which made it all the more tragic that he was unable to execute his plan.

It became apparent that the group that financed the purchase of the NFT version of Jodorowsky Dunes The Bible did not fully understand what it would mean for them to own it. The group tweeted that they hoped to create an animated television series based on Jodorowsky’s vision; however, owning the NFT does not give them the copyright for the Dunes story. Maybe the SpiceDAO would have been better off saving money by finding the free version of the Bible and putting more effort and money into buying the copyrights. Dunes devotees, on the other hand, will definitely want to take a look at Jodorowsky’s Bible and compare it to Villenueve’s acclaimed and Lynch’s doomed adaptations.

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