Horror Short Film Under Three Minutes Gives People “Literal Chills”

A lone traveler. An empty station in the middle of the night. Beware of smiling woman. Watch the horror short below:

The spirit plays on you when you are alone in the dark; there’s a whole phobia about it, after all. Whether you stare into the void of your dark room or cower in the flickering light of a lonely street lamp, you see what you don’t want to see.

Imagine heading for the midnight train (go anyway, sorry), and waiting in the cold at the station, you see a woman with a bowed head and a yellow dress staring at you from the opposite platform.

What are you doing? How long do you give him before you say something? What if the moment you looked at your phone, it disappeared out of sight, only to materialize about 10 feet from you on your platform?

It is the growing horror of smiling woman, a horror short film directed by Alex Magaña. As the “girl” (Ariel Fullinwider) tries to talk to the smiling titular (Merlynda Sol), she disappears once more, only to reappear right in front of her.

The smiling woman. Credit: ACMofficial/YouTube

She makes a desperate run for it. As she tries to escape, she appears on the stairs and starts dancing scary towards her. The girl finds herself on an empty street, seemingly in the clear – before she turns her head and the movie ends.

Since being shared on YouTube in 2019, it has racked up over seven million views and thousands of comments.

One wrote: “This movie literally gave me chills. Amazing. Bravo!” Another commented: “Awesome the way she came down the stairs was funny to watch but I can imagine how awful it would be in reality.”

A third wrote: “Amazing. This short is so basic and generic. Yet it’s scarier than some typical horror movies with bigger budgets. Well done and perfectly executed. Lots of love to all who participated in the creation of this masterpiece.”

The creepypasta lovers among you might recognize elements from the film. It seems to have been inspired by The smiling mana short story about a man who meets a terrifying and apparently drunk man late at night.

This was later adapted by Michael Evans in 2 a.m.: The Smiling Mana short film with almost 14 million views on YouTube, which received an equally positive reception.

One user wrote, “The scary part of this for me is the fact that you wouldn’t really be prepared for something like this. I feel like I’m just going to freeze up, because this is a situation so weird.”

Another comment sums it up best: “Moral of the story: don’t walk around like crazy at 2am.

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