Harry Styles gets ripped for his accent in new movie

A new clip for the highly anticipated don’t worry darling just dropped, and Harry Styles has already found himself on the receiving end of a few hilarious jokes about his accent. You can watch the clip below:

don’t worry darling is a psychological thriller set in the 1950s, it follows Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, who play a young married couple, Jack and Alice, who move to an “experimental community” in California.

The film, due out in the UK on September 23, has received a lot of attention over the past year. Mainly because of Styles’ role in the film, an issue that Florence Pugh herself says is “the nature of hiring the world’s most famous pop star.”

But also, because the film is where Harry met his current partner, Olivia Wilde, who also happens to be the film’s director.

Harry is being criticized for his accent in a new film. Credit: Alamy

However, now a new clip has come out and people are angry at Harry’s weird accent.

In the clip, the pair argue over Jack’s job, which they claim Alice is putting “in danger.”

But despite Harry’s undeniably impassioned performance, fans are instead having fun poking fun at his accent. While some are convinced he just can’t act, others are still trying to figure out if he’s supposed to be British or American.

One person said on a Tiktok video of the clip: “He should continue Hollyoaks because he gives the same energy as Curtis and AJ Pritchard.

The comment refers to an amazing performance (as in, so bad you literally won’t believe it) from the two actors on Hollyoaks last year, which quickly became meme material.

Meanwhile, another said: “Uh yeah he should stick to singing…”

Unfortunately for Harry, another also asked: ‘Is he English or American in this or neither, I’m confused.’

And to be fair, its leap from seemingly Northern “oppah-tunatie” to an almost New York “our life” makes the intended emphasis unclear.

Although some fans were quick to come to his defense, one said: “I feel like he’s a good actor, he just doesn’t seem to be. because of the accent.”

Someone else added, “Y’all, it’s a twenty second clip, can’t tell if he’s a good actor or not. Moreover, it is not bad at all to act ??? Confusion???”

But good actor or not, no one can deny that it’s hard not to see the Hollyoaks comparison of “What’id mum say” by AJ Pritchard.

And for the rest, we will have to wait until September 23.

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