Harry Potter director wants to make a movie about a cursed child

The director who brought the first two Harry potter books on the big screen would like to continue the good times.

Chris Columbus was at the helm for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets, and he also produced The prisoner of Azkaban.

He has expressed interest in finally making a film from the stage production Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The story takes off right after the epilogue in The Deathly Hallows and sees Harry and Ginny’s son Albus attending Hogwarts for the first time.

The play also involves time travel, so there are little nods to the previous books woven throughout the new narrative.

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While it has remained a theatrical production with stunning effects since its debut in 2016, there have been calls since to make it into a movie.

Speaking to Variety, Chris Columbus threw his hat into the ring to be the one doing it.

“I would like to lead The cursed child. It’s a great play and the kids are actually the right age to play these roles. It’s a little fantasy for me, ”he said.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint are now in their 30s, which would mean they wouldn’t have to use heavy CGIs to make them parents.

Considering that the play has been around for five years and there hasn’t even been a clue of a rumor that a movie will be shot about it, this proves that this is probably just a pipe dream for the moment.

Have a Harry potter The stage game helps to illustrate and express the magic of Hogwarts in a completely different way.

But at least we have a director on hand if that day were to come.

Interestingly, Chris might want to revisit his previous work if he gets this honor, as he revealed he never made it to the first two. Harry potter movies since they ended.

He told Variety, “I see songs of it all the time, especially from Thanksgiving to New Years when it’s on all 24/7 cable channels.

“If I flip through the channels, I stop and watch a scene. It’s very melancholy because I’m so proud of that first movie. To be able to smile and realize that people are watching this 20 years later is a pleasant feeling. “

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