Former Notre-Dame footballer Rudy talks about faith, his film

Daniel E. “Rudy” Ruettiger, the former University of Notre Dame football player whose story became a feature film, spoke to an online audience on Sunday about his life story and his faith.

The event, titled “Why I Believe with Rudy Ruettiger,” was broadcast on the “My Road to Hope and Peace” Facebook page and hosted by President James Evanson and his wife, Sister Jody Evanson, who chairs the Utah Orem Mission. of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ruettiger rose to fame when his childhood and experience as a short football player at Notre Dame were turned into a movie, “Rudy,” in 1993. Since then, Ruettiger has made a career as a motivational speaker. He was baptized into the Latter Day Saint faith in 2017.

Sporting an American hat and wearing a Duke University shirt, Ruettiger explained his story, the making of the film “Rudy”, quoted Bible verses and answered questions for about 45 minutes. He encouraged his audience not to be afraid to follow their dream, to believe in themselves, to avoid naysayers and to be true to their faith.

“You must always believe in yourself – that’s the gift the Lord has given you,” he said. “If you don’t believe in yourself, it probably won’t happen because you’re going to doubt your whole life. You have to get rid of doubts and clumsy people. Get rid of all the people who tell you what you can be and what you can’t be. Go where you want to be, that’s the secret.

Daniel E. “Rudy” Ruettiger, the famed former Notre Dame footballer, spoke to an online audience about his life story and faith on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

  • To be true to your faith“Sometimes people just don’t want to believe. That’s why we have to walk out there and be warriors of Jesus Christ, to let them know that we are believers, and by that we are servants of Jesus Christ. When we do that, great things happen, and that’s where you have hope.
  • On miracles and angels“You see miracles every day. … The fact that I arrived at Notre-Dame is a miracle. So how is it going? People help you get there. People help you understand why you should be here. … The miracle is that you believe in people who want to help you. It’s the miracle and you see real angels in your life who can help you get there. …So keep sticking with people who believe in what you’re doing.
  • On the sponsors“You need mentors in your life. Sometimes you have to go see people who don’t know you. People who know you will make you doubt because they know you. They know your bad habits. They know what you can’t do. But people who don’t know you and who believe, it still comes down to faith, when they see a good heart, they reinforce it, and that’s where the miracles happen again. … You can’t do it yourself, it’s impossible. You need help. …God works through people.
  • After being carried off the field by his teammates“It was an embarrassing moment for me because no one was ever taken off that pitch. Why are they taking me? “Put me down,” I shouted. They said, “No, no, we’re taking you to the tunnel. These guys believed in me. These are guys who were inspired by my work ethic. … You don’t know who you are affecting by your work ethic and by your beliefs and by your faith. … You don’t have to go preach. Just do the work. Go to work. To do work. Do your work. People see that you’re down, but you get up.
  • Make “discover” its history“’Rudy’ the film was a moment of discovery for many believers. It wasn’t faith that was shoved in your face. It was just a discovery. Don’t tell people why they should do this, let them find out why they should.
  • On the inspiration to make his story a movie“I never expected this, but God has a way of planting seeds through other people. After the football game, I’m sitting in the locker room, taking my shirt off, no name on the shirt. I’m the only guy with no name but everyone chanted my name Why was that Because I had a lot of connections in that stadium with the students and they were thrilled that I got the dress and that I was able to participate in the game. So they start singing “Rudy”, and because they start singing “Rudy”, other people start singing “Rudy”, and it went through the whole stadium. people were singing and they didn’t know why. A sports journalist asked, “Who are you and why are they singing ‘Rudy’?… This never happens in Notre Dame, which I just witnessed It only happens in Hollywood. It’s the seed that was planted by a sportscaster, not knowing it was going to be a great movie. I didn’t know either. … I sort of thought back to it years later, after seeing another inspirational sports movie called “Rocky.”

Watch Ruettiger’s full presentation on Facebook.

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