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Warning: Contains spoilers for The more they fall.

Jeymes Samuel’s soundtrack The more they fall is full of original songs written and recorded especially for the film. Every song that appears in The more they fall is memorable and is expertly placed to highlight the events of the film in a way that goes beyond the audience’s normal expectations of film music. After having watched The more they fall, it is not surprising to want to revisit the film’s music to relive the moments and capture small clues that might have been missed during the initial viewing.

The more they fall is Jeymes Samuel’s new take on the American western genre and features a star cast led by Jonathan Majors and Idris Elba as Nat Love and Rufus Buck. Jeymes Samuel wrote and directed The more they fall, but he also wrote and produced many songs that appear in the film, both those that are part of the soundtrack and those that are sung by the actors. Fans of Jeymes Samuel may not be surprised as they may know him by his stage name, The Bullitts, under which the British singer-songwriter has produced several albums of his own material and has worked on other original tapes such as that of Baz Luhrmann. Gatsby the magnificent.


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The more they fallThe soundtrack is heavily inspired by reggae and traditional spirituals. Several of the ensemble pieces performed for The more they fall present the Fisk Jubilee Singers, a group of vocal artists and students from Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee who specialize in a cappella ensemble performances of spirituals originally sung by slaves. The other musical talent on display throughout the film is vast with performances recorded especially for The more they fall by Alice Smith, Barrington Levy, Pretty Yende, Laura Mvula, Mayra Andrade, Koffee, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Seal (Jeymes Samuel’s brother) and CeeLo Green. Here are all the songs that appear in The more they fall and what happens when they play.

Every song in the hardest they fall

The Nat Love Gang in Netflix's The Harder They Fall

Three and thirty, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Alice Smith and Fisk Jubilee Singers – The first song of The more they fall starts playing when Rufus Buck arrives at Nat Love and his parents. The voice begins as Nat’s father looks at a gun on the wall and includes biblical allusions that foreshadow the engraving of a cross on Nat Love’s forehead.

Guns Go Bang, written by Jeymes Samuel, Scott Mescudi and Shawn Carter, performed by Kid Cudi and Jay-Z – Guns Go Bang plays during the opening credits of The more they fall after Nat Love takes revenge on one of Rufus Buck’s original gang members.

On my return, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by the actors – On my return is the first song sung by an actor in The more they fall. As Bill Pickett (Edi Gathegi) prepares to take down the Crimson Hoods who robbed a bank, he sings the song. The song is picked up as Nat Love and his team prepare for their trip to Redwood with the spoils of their bank robbery with several cast members repeating the lyrics as a sinister form of rallying for the battle ahead.

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Better than gold, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Barrington Levy – As Nat Love enters Douglastown to visit Stagecoach Mary (Zazie Beetz) in her saloon and meets Cuffee (Danielle Deadwyler) for the first time.

The Jim Crow Count, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Zazie Beetz – Another song performed by an on-screen character, The Jim Crow Count marks Stagecoach Mary’s first appearance in The more they fall as she sings it on stage before reuniting with Nat Love.

Here I am (James Samuel Remix), written by Barrington Levy and Paul Donald Love, performed by Barrington Levy – I am coming serves to mark Rufus Buck’s escape from his prison train, starting when Trudy Smith (Regina King) first sees the train and resumes when Buck leaves the train.

Promised land, written by Dennis Biddy, Brinsley Forde, Angus Gay, Tony Robinson and Dennis Brown, performed by Dennis Brown – A classic song by the late prolific reggae singer Dennis Brown, Promised land is one of the few songs that was not written especially for The more they fall. The song plays as the Rufus Buck Gang makes their debut in Redwood.

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Do to others, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Fisk Jubilee Singers – Spiritual style Do to others plays a stark musical contrast to the scene he scores as Rufus Buck confronts and Wiley Escoe (Deon Cole) and beats him to the ground.

She goes with the winds, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by the actors – Nat Love can be heard singing Far with the wind, she goes to Stagecoach Mary before she goes to Redwood to offer to buy Trudy’s bar. The melody can be heard again shortly after in The more they fall as Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) whistles the tune as he enters the room where Mary and Nat are being held.

Black woman, written by Jeymes Samuel and Mrs. Lauryn Hill, performed by Mrs. Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill’s Black woman plays on the arrival of Stagecoach Mary in Redwood after she leaves the Nat Love Gang on the Outskirts.

Wednesday’s child, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Alice Smith – Wednesday’s child is performed by the singer of the Redwood Saloon, played by Alice Smith herself, as the stagecoach Mary walks through Trudy’s saloon to speak with Rufus Buck.

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There is no better love, written by Jeymes Samuel, Seal and James Poyser, performed by Seal – There is no better love plays during the first part of the Redwood Climate Shootout as Nat Love and Stagecoach Mary fight back-to-back to defeat members of the Rufus Buck Gang.

Let’s Get Started (Live), written by Fela Anikulapo Kuti, performed by Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Ginger Baker – Another of the small number of songs that was not written specifically for the film, Let’s Get Started (Live) plays for the second act of The more they fall The Redwood shootout when Mary fights Trudy and Nat pushes her way through the streets, stopping dramatically when Nat is injured.

Blackskin Mile, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by CeeLo Green – Blackskin Mile performs during the death scene of Cherokee Bill (LaKeith Stanfield) after Cuffee shoots him in the neck and continues as Nat Love pays homage to Jim Beckwourth before confronting Rufus Buck.

Three and thirty years old (opera), written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Pretty Yende – A retaliatory opera Three and thirty can be heard in the background under Rufus Buck and Nat Love’s final confrontation as Rufus explains the reason he killed Nat’s father.

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No turnaround, written and performed by Jeymes Samuel – Jeymes Samuel’s own performance of his song No turnaround plays as Nat Love leaves Rufus’ body and goes to kiss Stagecoach Mary on the street outside and includes lines of On my return in a very different context.

The more they fall, written by Jeymes Samuel and Shawn Carter, performed by Koffee – In the final scenes of The more they fall, a choral version of the eponymous song from the soundtrack is played, as the protagonists walk away towards the sunset. The song switches to Koffee’s version for the opening credits.

We are going stronger, written by Jeymes Samuel, performed by Laura Mvula and Mayra Andrade – We are going stronger is the second song that plays during the credits of The more they fall.

King Kong Riddim [feat. BackRoad Gee], by Jay-Z, Jadakiss and Conway The Machine – King Kong Riddim has appeared in trailers for The more they fall and is included in the soundtrack but does not appear in the film itself. Jay-Z has been a producer on The more they fall.

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Where to listen to the soundtrack of The Harder They Fall

With so many original and memorable songs throughout The more they fall, listening to the soundtrack outside of the film is a natural choice. The official film soundtrack includes the majority of the songs listed above, as well as some of the film’s key skits. The soundtrack of The more they fall can be streamed on major music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. However, there are also physical copies of The more they fall soundtrack available direct from Netflix as a CD, a two-disc red vinyl set, or even a cassette tape.

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