Dr David Jeremiah releases Nativity film in time for Christmas


A dramatic documentary titled Why the Nativity? hits theaters and streaming services to show the power of the birth of Jesus.

Dr. David Jeremiah and his company Turning Point Ministries based the new documentary on Jeremiah’s book, Why the Nativity? 25 compelling reasons why we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

“I am thrilled at this opportunity to bring the true story of Christmas to the world stage in an unprecedented and unprecedented way,” Jeremiah said in an interview with Faithwire.

A custom set was built in San Diego County to replicate the town where Jesus was born, Bethlehem.

“Since its inception, this unique production has been meant to be shared with the world, for all from all walks of life. We pray it will become an instant Christmas classic with the longevity to reach new audiences with the message. timeless gospel for generations to come. come.”

The film not only covers the birth of Jesus, but it also encompasses Old Testament prophecies about the birth of the Savior.

“I am convinced that this unforgettable journey through cinema will help bring the hope of Christmas from the pages of the Bible.”

The film’s executive producer, Paul Joiner, shares that it will have a huge impact on all kinds of viewers.

“It’s about evangelism,” Joiner says. “People are open to hearing the story of Christmas, so what an opportunity this is for us to say Christmas is about more than fun, food and fellowship – it’s about the story of salvation. . The gospel.”

The premiere of Why the Nativity? will be held at the Regal LA Live Theater in Los Angeles on November 18. Starting December 4, the film will be available for free on Turning Point Television.

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