Does the movie Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence on Netflix?

Mother!, the 2017 horror film starring Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, is a title that uniquely tells the story of the Bible. Although the film is difficult to grasp at first glance (and sometimes quite difficult to digest), as they understood more of the nuances, audiences began to appreciate director Darren Aronofsky’s interpretations of the story of Adam and Eve, pregnancy of Mary Magdalene, and the birth and death of Jesus Christ.

Five years later, 2017’s horror is still one many would love to see for the first time or rewatch for the thousandth time. Here’s where you can do it.

is a mother! (2017) on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Mother! is not currently streaming on Netflix. It should be noted that the streaming title has a title of the same name on its platform, however, it is the film written and directed by Tatsushi Omori in 2020. (This film is also rumored to be worth watching.)

We’ll be sure to update when or if Jennifer Lawrence Mother! is coming to Netflix. Until then, read on to find out which platforms are currently hosting the 2017 film.

Where to stream Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence

Today, Amazon Prime Video is the only streaming service that has Mother! on his site. By subscription, you can watch the 2 hours and 1 minute of this film at your leisure. Or, if you’d rather not subscribe to a new site, feel free to rent and/or buy the movie anytime. But hurry because, according to Amazon, the movie is out in about 11 days.

Don’t have time to watch the horror movie before the expiration date? Carefree. Mother! is also available for rental/purchase on YouTube Movies, Google Play and Vudu. Each site currently has the movie priced at $2.99.

When all is said and done, Mother! is a must-watch horror movie, so head over to one of the aforementioned sites to see why this movie captivated many. But if you’d rather stick with Netflix (we don’t blame you), check out the site’s various horror titles, such as Chainsaw Massacre and Midnight Mass.

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