Doctor Who Am I (2022)


doctor who am i2022.

Directed by Matthew Jacobs, Vanessa Yuille.
With Matthew Jacobs, Paul McGann, Daphne Ashbrook, Philip David Segal, Eric Roberts, Vanessa Yuille, Nicholas Briggs and Paul Salamoff.


An infamous Doctor Who screenwriter is brought back to America’s Whoniverse, in this funny and moving documentary about finding family in the most unlikely places.

The Doctor Who The TV movie is one that has been mired in controversy and infamy, since its May 12, 1996 release. From its tumultuous production phase to the bizarre changes to established Whovian lore that angered the fandom, the film comes off like an abomination that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

One of the main contributors to this controversial case was writer Matthew Jacobs. Previously involved in television productions such as The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jonesthe scribe clearly didn’t know what he was getting into when he was hired, by producer Philip David Segal, to pen the script for the polarizing film.

Segal had been working for a long time trying to get a Doctor Who TV series running for American audiences, ever since the BBC ended its run of the acclaimed show in the early 90s. Segal and John Leekley, the writer previously attached to the project before Jacobs, even crafted a long series bible titled ‘Chronicles of Doctor Who‘, which contains plot points and story concepts regarding their new incarnation of Doctor Who.

Jacobs’ project closely followed Chronicles of Doctor Who, even including some of its polarizing plot points such as the Time Lord’s much-maligned semi-human origins. However, the decision to humanize the main character by making him half-human and falling in love did not sit well with die-hard fans of the show, and it invariably resulted in dismal ratings when the film debuted. in the USA.

Paul McGann, in my opinion, did a fantastic Doctor Who and it’s such a shame we never got a full series featuring the charismatic Withnail & me star. Even the effervescent Daphne Ashbrook brings her own brand of distinct charm and magic to the proceedings. And Doctor Who Am I navigates beautifully between all these different individuals – including McGann, Ashbrook, Segal and Roberts – as they recount their vivid experiences and the inevitable fallout from this troubled production, and share their thoughts on being a part from the weird world of the American Whoniverse (on a positive note, however, the film became part of the official Doctor Who continuity with McGann’s reappearance as the Eighth Doctor in the 2013 mini-episode The Night of the Doctor. C is a less cheerful and more world-weary version of the character of McGann, it still gave the actor the opportunity to have another swing in the role, which is really something).

But the bleeding heart of this moving documentary is none other than Matthew Jacobs. The ostracized writer chats with Doctor Who fans, who both hate and love his contribution to the film, and try to figure out what motivated him to write such a screenplay. It’s a cathartic experience for Jacobs as he attempts to battle his own personal demons and unburden himself of the crushing guilt he’s been weighed down by all these long years. But amid all the drama, Jacobs also finds unexpected companionship and joyous camaraderie among Whoniverse fans, and it brings him great peace of mind as a creative.

doctor who am i is an absolute must for fans of the series. It’s a documentary that tackles a controversial subject while delivering a poignant story about finding family in the most unexpected places.

Scintillating Myth Rating – Movie: ★ ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★ ★

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