Disaster movie Moonfall nearly breaks box office record as worst movie of all time

A disaster movie released earlier this year landed itself on an unenviable list after becoming one of the biggest box office flops of all time.

Although directed by Roland Emmerich – dubbed the “Master of Disaster” due to his long list of hit disaster movies – the film apparently failed to capture audiences following its release last month.

moon fallwhich stars Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry, had an impressive budget of $140m (£106,806,700), but only took $10m (£7,629,050) in its weekend of opening – compare this to Spider-Man: No Coming Home, which grossed $587.2 million (£447,977,816) in its opening weekend and you can see just how much of a disaster this disaster movie really is.

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Nowadays, moon fall earned just $39.2 million (£29,905,876) at the worldwide box office. Again, for a fuller picture, you can compare this to Spider-Man: No Coming Home which took in over $1.8bn (£1,373,229,000) worldwide.

As a result, moon fall found himself on a list of famous Hollywood flops, which includes the brilliantly titled Mars needs moms – which cost $150m (£114,378,750) and, by some strange coincidence, only grossed $39.2m – and Eddie Murphy’s film The Adventures of Pluto Nashwhich had a budget of $100m (£76,252,500) and took $7.1m (£5,413,643).

Also, the $140 million budget doesn’t include money spent on marketing. moon fallwhich could have been in the tens of thousands, meaning the loss could be even greater.

On the other hand, since the movie only came out in February, the total receipts don’t include money from potential DVDs, Blu-Rays, or streaming downloads, but even with those included, it’s unlikely to make much of a difference in the $140 million. moreover it is spent.

1 credit: Lionsgate
1 credit: Lionsgate

In case, like most people, you haven’t seen moon fallit centers on former NASA astronaut Brian Harper (played by Wilson) and NASA official Jo Fowler (Berry) who embark on a life-threatening mission to save the world after the moon falls out of orbit and starts causing all sorts of problems for us left back on Earth.

Emmerich has a sting of disaster movie hits to his name, including Two days later and Independence Daybut even his good reputation and solid background were apparently not enough to attract crowds to the cinema.

In an interview with Screen Rant ahead of the film’s release, Emmerich said he was open to the idea of ​​a sequel – although I think it’s fair to assume that’s been shelved for the time being. .

He said, “I mean, if the movie is a hit, we’ll do a sequel or two sequels. It was always imagined as a trilogy.

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