Depreciating Women and Other Political Books, as Crikey Readers Title

The people have spoken! Crikey readers have delivered some terrific headlines for upcoming books that will attempt to explain the 2022 federal election.

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With the election finally over, you could hear the sound of scribbles across Australia as Canberra’s political nerds rushed to get their books and diaries detailing what really happened in the 2022 federal election in their publishers before Scott Morrison faded into distant memory (or at least left Kirribilli House).

Last week we asked Crikey readers to suggest book titles to help publishers so they can put a title on these tomes and put them on the shelves. And Crikey readers delivered, with a whole host of great selections to come.

So how did we choose the winner? It was a purely democratic process, in line with the government of the past nine years.

We promised some key voters a parking lot or two. I made choices of captains. A rumor began that one of the potential winners was a “Muslim”. We received an influx of donations from some fossil fuel giants that did not impact our decision at all. Even Christian Porter REDACTED and REDACTED a REDACTED – a gesture that Stuart Robert adored. Then, deciding that this whole “transparency” thing was a bit of a kangaroo court, we just asked Jen and the girls what they thought.

How good is democracy? !

So after all that, the winner is… Depreciate women!

A story about how the men in charge of the country (in politics, the media and beyond) have forgotten that over half the population are women and don’t appreciate being treated like little children brainless petulants, Depreciate women will be on shelves near you – as soon as Peter Dutton’s libel suit against the author ends.

The finalists, in no particular order, include:

  • Are you there, my God? It’s me Scottie by Scott Morrison
  • Fear and loathing in most places
  • A two-city teal
  • High expectations (none of which were met)
  • Scott Morrison: She’s my wife

And honorable mentions to the following suggestions:

  • Everything you wanted to know about sex and weren’t afraid to scream by Katherine Deves
  • dark spouse
  • Down and Out at Kooyong and Goldstein
  • They paved the paradise and forgot the parking lots

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