Chris Hemsworth’s New Netflix Movie Has Been One of His All-Time Worst Ratings

spider headNetflix’s new sci-fi thriller starring Chris hemsworthbecame one of the Australian actor’s lowest rated films, following poor critical reception.

Released earlier this month, there was a lot of hype surrounding the scary film, which drew comparisons to the hugely popular black mirror after the release of the trailer.

However, with the film having been out for several weeks now, the reviews are very much… and they don’t do some good reading.

On movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, spider head has a rating of only 44% at the time of writing. Worse still, on his audience, the adaptation of George Saunders’ dark science fiction epic has a score of 35% – putting it below 2016 ghost hunters redo in which Hemsworth also appeared.

Chris Hemsworth stars in the prison thriller. Credit: Netflix

A comparison with some of the 38yearOld’s other well-known films on Rotten Tomatoes show just how spider head has been received so far.

Thor: Ragnarokfor example, has a superb score of 93% on the Tomatometerwhile 2013 Rushwhere hemsworth plays legendary F1 driver James Hunt, remains at 89%.

Overall, the critical response to spider head was negative, with many wondering why the film doesn’t quite capture the dark weirdness of the book it’s based on.

The plot certainly looks quite chilling, centering on a prisoner undergoing futuristic drug trials, within the sterile walls of spider head research compound on a remote island.

However, as Louis Chilton points out, a reviewer from The Independent: “In Netflix spider headthe end was radically Hollywoodized – traded in bulk for something people will swallow more easily.”

Also featuring the likes of Whiplash star Miles Teller, as well as Day Smollett, it has a cast that could rival just about any other big budget movie.

And yet, for many viewers, it falls flat in some key areas, leading to a respectable – but barely adamant – rating of 5.5 out of 10 viewers on IMDB.

spider head definitely not the worst received movie of hemsworthillustrious acting career.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

On the contrary, this title goes back to 2012 Red Dawnwith a pitiful 15% mark on the Tomatometer.

The action war remake of a 1984 classic was panned by critics, although audience feedback was generally more positive.

As for hemsworthhe hopes his next starring role in Thor: Love and Thunder will represent a return to form – in what could be his Marvel swansong as a beloved superhero.

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