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Dr. William C. Morgan is well known throughout South Georgia.

He graduated from Valdosta State, obtained a BA in Oral Communication in 1985 and an MA in Public Administration in 1989, before obtaining his PhD in Theological Studies in 2002 from Bethany Bible College and Theological Seminary. in Dothan, Alabama, and a doctorate in ministry in pastoral leadership in 2012 from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla.

He served three years as a moderator for the South Georgia Missionary Baptist Association, served seven years as a volunteer chaplain at South Georgia Medical Center, and held several other positions with other organizations.

He is the retired pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church, where he served for 26 years in Valdosta. But before he was a pastor, Morgan was a deacon in the church.

So when he writes a book called “The Deacon’s Guide,” Morgan knows what he is talking about.

In “The Deacon’s Guide,” Morgan uses his experiences as a deacon and as a pastor, and as a pastor who has worked with deacons, as well as research and Bible passages that apply to the leadership of the church.

Morgan describes a deacon not only as a leader in the church who works closely with the pastor and the congregation, but as a person who must be close to God. A deacon should set an example of spirit, service, forgiveness, obedience and compassion.

“Guide” explores the role of the deacon in the church and with the pastor. He examines how the church – deacons and pastors – should not divide the church between business finances and soul salvation respectively, but rather they should work together to cover all aspects of the church.

“The Deacon’s Guide” appears to be the manual for anyone considering becoming a deacon for the deacon who is already serving the church. It is also an important book for pastors to weigh in the development of relationships with deacons.

And it’s an interesting book for any devotee looking to better understand the dynamics of leadership in the church.

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