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Reading “A Faith Builder for Children” by Valdosta author Katherine W. Fisher reminded me of the Sunday School teachers of my childhood 50 years ago.

My Sunday School teachers were kind, patient, always smiling, leading us to sing “Jesus Loves Little Children” and “Jesus Loves Me”.

They always seemed to care about us and they always had a story and a lesson to share from the Bible.

All of these qualities flow from Fisher’s book.

She shares Bible stories and morals with them. It includes comments on how children can apply these lessons and stories to their lives, as well as verses from the Bible. She shares ideas on how children can live now, and then passes those lessons on through the years into their adult lives.

The book includes activities, tests, discussion topics and writing exercises.

And while “Faith Builder” is like a children’s Sunday school in a book, Fisher also writes for the children’s parents. Parents and grandparents can easily read this book to children or with them to discuss the lessons and ideas on each page. Or the adults can read the book on their own.

Fisher graduated in Biblical Studies from International Bible College (Heritage University) in Florence, Alabama, according to biographical information about her in the book. She served as a missionary in Indiana, Washington, DC, Alabama, Haiti, Georgia, and Memphis, Tennessee.

She has been involved in a ministry at Valdosta Prison for over 15 years and “with the help of Frank Baldwin, another member of the congregation, they brought over 50 inmates to Jesus Christ,” according to the biography of his book. She is also involved in a ministry at a homeless shelter in Valdosta.

The biography notes that she wrote the book because she “deeply feels that it will help build strong faith and trust in God in young people. The storms of life are not always foreseen. We need to. a solid foundation of faith so that you won’t be rejected and discouraged, depressed and discouraged. We might just give up. This book should help you keep your feet on the ground and on track through adversity and difficulty. “

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