Biblical story of the golden calf – purpose and insidious nature



How can you find the golden calf in Your Life?

You and I don’t melt our jewelry and make physical statues and call them God, yet sometimes we let go of what is important to us to prioritize the temporary and worthless things of this world. We tend to spend money on precious goods like expensive cars, high tech toys, nice houses or branded handbags and then invest our time and energy and more money on them. keep it safe and spotless. Anything we love, think, or serve (with our energy and time) can become a golden calf in our lives. Anything that we raise in the place of God, worship, desire or consider more precious than our relationship with God can become an unconscious golden calf in our lives.

Our golden calf can be success, productivity, fame, the approval of others, or anything we aim for more than our spiritual growth and closeness to God.

Sometimes we make our children our golden calf when they become our no. 1 priority and we insist on their health, their well-being and their happiness, more than we wish to please God by entrusting the lives of our children to him.

A husband or wife can put their spouse in this position of worship if they obey their spouse’s desires rather than those of God, seek to please their spouse more than they seek to please God, or they simply desire their mate more than they desire God. Some women place their husbands in the position of God, expecting them to meet all of their emotional needs and expectations, instead of letting God meet their emotional needs.

Sometimes work becomes our golden calf because it slips into the no. 1 place on our priority lists and consumes our time and energy and we put everything else below. Maybe money is your golden calf because how much you have (or don’t have) determines your level of security or contentment, or because every ounce of energy you have is used to earn more, to pay off debt or save for something you desperately want.

Here are seven ways to identify and eliminate the golden calf in your life.

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