Bible app ‘Glorify’ launches series that examines mental health through the ‘scriptural lens’


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the creators of the world’s largest Christian app are helping to bring attention to the problem.

Glorifya faith-based app designed to help Christians connect with God, believes theology and therapy can combat the problem.

The company recently launched a month-long “Thought for the Day” series focusing on mental and spiritual well-being while exploring why mental health is important in our faith journey.

Christian therapist Jo Hargreaves joined CBN’s The Prayer Link to talk about the app and how it helps bridge the gap between therapy and faith.

Hargreaves said the number of people affected by mental health issues was increasing.

“We’re talking about one in four people having a mental health issue in their lifetime…anxiety and depression. One in five people are considering suicide and we’ve seen those numbers increase every year since 2011,” Hargreaves said.

She added that Glorify answers people’s questions about life and loneliness through a “scriptural lens.”

“We looked at depression, anxiety, loneliness, perfectionism and shame and gave people specific scientifically proven but also Bible-based tactics to improve their mental health,” he said. she noted.

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