Announcement of the film Return To Silent Hill, inspired by Silent Hill 2


There is no doubt that 2006 silent Hill is much better than 2012 Silent Hill: Revelation but overall, these adaptations leave a lot to be desired. silent Hill successful when it came to recreating the game’s tone and visuals, but as is often the case with adaptations, the plot lacked refinement.

Despite this, there is a huge appetite for a third film from fans. Earlier this year, director Christophe Gans confirmed he had written a third Silent Hill movie during lockdown, noting the story had no connection to the previous two installments. There have also been whispers of a Silent Hill movie inspired by Kojima Productions. PT. Well, now we know the truth. Konami has finally unveiled Back to Silent Hill.

Check out the brand new trailer for the just-announced remake Silent Hill 2.

Back to Silent Hill is officially on the way and should be a modern retelling of Silent Hill 2. Christophe Gans is returning to the film franchise as writer and director, while Victor Hadida is also returning as producer. In a video message, Gans explained that he was fascinated by Silent Hill 2the examination of “psychological horror”, adding that it would strongly influence his film, Back to Silent Hill. The director also promised that Pyramid Head would be back with new monsters.

The movie has been scripted but hasn’t started filming yet, so it’s likely we won’t see it released until 2024. When Gans revealed he had written a screenplay earlier this year, he announced that the franchise would evolve to reflect a contemporary understanding. of horror. He explained, “I try to take into account what I’ve seen recently, what’s most original and amazing in horror movies, and see if Silent Hill has the seeds of it, or even the expression. Silent Hill has always been an unusual game ahead of its time.

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