Amit Shah will launch the country’s first Hindi version of MBBS books in MP on October 16


Union Home Minister Amit Shah will release the country’s first MBBS curriculum in Hindi for students on October 16 as part of Madhya Pradesh government’s initiative to teach the subjects of education higher in Hindi under the ‘Ease of Education’ initiative.

According to state government officials, Shah will launch three MBBS curriculum books for the first year of MBBS, thereby initiating learning of medical sciences in Hindi.

The books, they said, will contain scientific biological terms written in Devanagari script and explanations in Hindi.

“The books are a kind of Hinglish in Devanagari script so as not to stigmatize the MBBS degree,” Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said.

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Recently, a committee of parliamentarians had recommended Hindi as the language of higher education in Hindi speaking states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

For non-Hindi speaking states like Tamil Nadu, the committee recommended books in the native language of the respective states.

The books will be introduced in state medical schools starting in the current academic year for students.

Officials said students will be able to take exams in Hinglish and graduate with no mention of educational background in accordance with the National Medical Commission Act.

“As the NMC law states that the language of medical education should be English only, the MP government is introducing these books as a learning supplement,” a government official said.

Sarang said they took inspiration from European countries, including Spain and Germany, where medical training manuals are in Spanish and German respectively, to have Hindi manuals for medical training.

“At the end of the 18th century, European countries began to write medical science books full of Latin words. Slowly they were translated into British and American English. A few European and Asian countries have translated them into their native language keeping the Latin words and other technical words to increase student understanding,” he said.

Adopting the same philosophy, the minister said he established a war room named Mandar in February this year to prepare a Hindi dictionary of English medical terms having 97 medical faculty professors.

“The first cut of the books arrived in July and a group of teachers read every word in the book to check the meaning of the sentences. Later the books were sent to print,” the minister said.

Special Duty Officer (OSD), Dr Rahul Rokde, who coordinated the government effort, said: “The idea is a paradigm shift to facilitate the education of Hindi language students. They will learn and understand and not feel inferior by attending international seminars and conferences because all the technical words are in English and the books are the same. Even students will not face any difficulty in studying abroad.

Hindi textbooks for MBBS are being introduced in Madhya Pradesh after failed attempts to start Hindi engineering in MP.

A medical school professor familiar with the development said the books are complementary for students as the government has learned from past experience of introducing Hindi textbooks for engineering at Atal Bihari Vajpayee University. Hindi.

“No student came for engineering classes because the textbooks were in chaste Hindi,” he said, explaining why he opted for Hinglish textbooks.

Dr Sudeep Pathak, Head of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), said: “The concept is good to help Hindi language students, but at higher level it is impossible to translate all the books. A popular book called Harrison is like a bible for medical students and translating every word of it is next to impossible,” he said.

“It is too early to say what will happen. Time will tell the outcome of this initiative,” he added.

Ranjeet Singh, who got his MBBS last year from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, said: “When I entered medical school, I used to face a lot of learning difficulties. I had to read a sentence in an English textbook three times to understand it. Hindi textbooks will surely help students to learn.

Congress has said that instead of improving skills, the BJP-led state government is experimenting with students.

“Which objective will be solved by introducing a course in ‘Hinglish’. If the terms are the same, the teacher can explain the topics in Hindi in the class and the students will understand it. The BJP-led government is pushing its agenda in all areas without thinking about the outcome,” said Ajay Yadav, spokesperson for the Congress of Deputies committee.


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