All Emma Watson’s Movies Since Harry Potter Ranked

Famous for playing Hermione in the eight Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson also starred in an eclectic range of other films. She was biblical with Russell Crowebeauty with Luke Evans‘s beast, and an obstacle to tom hank and The circle. She is also a model, activist and one of the most influential women in the world, eager to fight for gender equality. With all that off-screen work, it’s a blessing that she’s still making movies.

Here are all of his big-screen performances, ranked!

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ten. It is the end (2013)

this is the end emma watson
Image via Sony Pictures Release

It is the end is an apocalyptic comedy. James Franco and a group of famous friends (presented as exaggerated versions of themselves) enjoy a wild party at celebrity homes. Blue lights begin to illuminate people all over the city, and Franco and his friends must survive mass hysteria, earthquakes, monsters, and each other.


A completely crazy film that sees actors making fun of themselves while offering us to make fun of them. Emma Watson only appears briefly and that’s why we started the list with this movie. Breaking into Franco’s house, wielding an axe, and armed with a few unusual swear words, she seeks refuge from outside evils. There were plenty of laughs, but there was a distinct lack of female leads, with Emma Watson being the standout, and obviously the best!

9. My week with Marilyn (2011)

my week with marilyn emma watson
Image via The Weinstein Society

In the context of the 1957 film, The Prince and the Showgirl, My week with Marilyn stars michelle williams like the eponymous blonde bombshell. Marilyn is in London filming her new movie, grappling with the character concept, on and off screen, and continues to break the hearts of anyone who falls in love with her. This includes Colin Clark, (Eddie Redmayne) who plays an overly impatient film student on set.

Michelle Williams is gorgeous and deservedly nominated for the Best Actress Oscar. Emma Watson plays Lucy, Colin’s short-lived lover, who can only try to win the affection of a man in love with the most famous woman in the world. Brilliantly shot, capturing the bygone era of cinema, My week with Marilyn maybe for an older generation, but it’s also for lovers of cinema and big shows, no matter how small.

8. The bling ring (2013)

the bling emma watson ring
Picture via A24

Based on true events, a group of celebrity and obsessed with fortune, the teenagers suffer a series of crimes across Hollywood. Known, posthumously, as The bling ring, they track the whereabouts of celebrities so they can rob their unoccupied homes in the name of high-end fashion.

Cool, stylish, edgy and with a punchy soundtrack, Sophie CoppolaThe director’s vision completely overshadows a story that has very little plot. The ensemble cast keeps the tone of desperation and the desire to live the life of glory, without ever earning it, a constant throughout the film. Emma Watson plays Nicki, a homeschooled delinquent who thinks the right is her right. She plays sexy, selfish, and sadly a reality-based (albeit satirical) character. A massive leap in a different direction for our young Hermione.

7. The circle (2017)

Image via STXfilms

The world’s largest technology company, led by CEO Bailey (tom hank) hires Mae (Emma Watson) for her dream job. Bailey’s vision is that knowing everything and seeing everything can only make the world a better place. When Mae is asked to become totally transparent — constantly filmed and released online for the world to see — morals, ethics, and her very life are inevitably changed. Bailey’s vision is not so clear.

Watson maintains a dramatic, focused standard throughout, and she builds a comfortable amount of tension that leads nicely into the climactic showdown with Bailey. It is not a dystopia or a utopia, rather a reflection of our current society in a pool of sulfuric acid. It may look okay on the surface, but don’t go swimming. However, you can take advantage The circle 100%, it’s not real… not yet.

6. Regression (2015)

throwback emma watson
Picture via Universal Pictures

Regression is one of those “almost everything” movies: horror, mystery, drama, and psychological thriller. Detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke) and Professor Kenneth Raines (David Thewlis) investigate the sexual abuse of Angela Gray (Emma Watson) by her father. Using recovered memory therapy, the teacher begins to uncover more than just abuse. A dark underworld of cultist and satanic rituals is unearthed.

Bathed in blues and grays, Regression looks like how we are meant to feel. (fans of ozark might have the edge on thematic coloring, and will no doubt be nodding right now.) Set in the 1990s at a time when cult paranoia was rampant, Regression is a much better movie than people give it credit for. Watson and Hawke both give dark and seductive performances, echoing the subject matter. It’s moody, hugely atmospheric, and massively understated.

5. Colony (2015)

colonia emma watson
Image via Signature Entertainment

It’s the Chilean military coup of 1973. Lena (Emma Watson) and her boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Bruhl) are caught in the fray. Daniel is arrested and taken away by the secret police. Lena finds him in an isolated charity mission led by holy man Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist). She joins the mission to try to save Daniel, but she discovers, too late, that the mission is really a notorious cult, led by a man who is far from holy.

Inspired by real facts, Colony (The colony, in the UK) is a claustrophobic escape-style film. Watson plays the reserved lifeguard, fitting in, biding his time and patiently waiting to make the move to escape with Daniel. With dark undertones and overtones of abuse, the story explores the abuse of power within an organization, reflecting the backdrop of the government coup. Will they escape and blow it all up?

4. The beauty and the Beast (2017)


Disney’s live-action blockbuster is packed with awe-inspiring sets, magical CGI and vocals by Emma Watson. Yes, she did, and that’s why she’s at number four. It’s the timeless story of a prince doomed to live like an animal unless he finds love, which just might be with a girl he’s holding captive.

Watson leads an all-star cast, some lending their many voices to the lively staff who call the Beast’s castle home. His on-screen sympathy for a CGI beast should be commended, which was never going to be an easy task to pull off. The beauty and the Beast isn’t original, but it’s an epic, expanded and modernized tale that’s a smash hit, the most expensive musical ever made and the highest-grossing live musical of all time.

3. Little woman (2019)

little woman emma watson
Image via Sony Pictures Release

A period drama set in the 19th century. Little woman highlights the social inequalities of men and women living in Concord, Massachusetts. It centers on four sisters whose big ideas are undone by societal pressure to crush dreams and create a world where women’s lives serve only to marry rich men.

It does its best to “open your eyes” to equality, but is as charming as a family movie can be. Emma Watson plays Margaret “Meg” March, who marries for love, not money, and is socially ignored by her wealthy aunt (Meryl Streep) for doing so. His sister, Josephine (Saoirse Ronan), an aspiring writer, also finds out firsthand what men think of her and her writing. Charming and warm, with contrasting moments of cold sadness and loss, this is one of Watson’s finest performances.

2. Noah (2014)

noah emma watson
Image via Paramount Pictures

The biblical story of Noah’s Ark, reimagined and given a contemporary twist, sees Noah (Russell Crowe), accompanied by the last fallen angels, building the boat that will save the animals of the earth. Ray Winston plays Tubal-cain, a descendant of Cain and a versatile villain, who wants to take control of the ark and the only way to escape the coming flood.

A beautiful story with a new vision. Crowe sullenly dominates as a man of God on earth, believable with every tough decision he makes. Emma Watson plays Ila, a girl rescued by Noah and taken in by Noah’s family, who aboard the fleeing Ark announces her pregnancy. If it is a boy, Noah must accomplish the will of God: all mankind must be purified. Can Ila stop her from making her toughest decision yet? Even the climactic battle between the fallen angels and Tubal-cain’s army is offset by Crowe and Watson’s final and traumatic showdown.

1. Charlie’s world (2012)


Charlie’s world is an initiatory drama based on the eponymous novel by Stephen Chbosky, who also wrote and directed the film. charlie (Logan Lermanlisten)) is a wallflower who socially fears being part of society. With the help of Sam (Emma Watson) and her half-brother Patrick (Ezra Miller) Charlie discovers friendship, music and realizes that he exists. However, there is a dark reason why Charlie is so introverted.

Chbosky figured it all out, right down to finding the right actors to play his characters. Exploring teenage sexuality, abuse, and relationships can be a perilous path for any writer, but Chbosky absolutely nails it. It deservedly gets the top spot for all its honesty, it’s a perfectly executed, plot-dense story, and to top it all off, it’s Emma Watson’s best performance to date.

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