Adam Sandler’s Latest Netflix Movie Is Rated On Par With The Uncut Gems

The film in question, titled Hustle, unfolds around the story of an unlucky basketball scout (played by the Happy Gilmore star) who comes across a super talented player while on vacation.

Sandler’s character wants to bring the player to the United States to succeed in the NBA. Naturally, the odds are stacked against them.

Adam Sandler (Credit: Alamy)

Slated for a wider release on June 8, it’s already being hailed by the lucky few who have seen it as on par with Sandler’s previous Netflix hit, Uncut Gems.

The 2019 crime/comedy drama, also starring Julia Fox and LaKeith Stanfield, was an instant hit for its unique claustrophobic feel.

Hustle has an equally impressive cast, with the likes of Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Ben Foster.

Following its release in select theaters across the United States last week, fans and critics in attendance flooded the Rotten Tomatoes website with positive reviews.

The review score comes from 37 verified reviews, making people interested in the movie.

David Ehrlich of indieWire wrote, “If he continues to work so hard, the same man who once symbolized Netflix’s commitment to mediocrity may eventually turn out to be the streamer’s best draft pick.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt said, “Hustle isn’t reinventing the wheel of sports stories; it’s not even spinning it forward. But right now, they’re having fun.”

Two critical successes in a row for Hollywood star Sandler would be a big departure because historically his anger-fueled comedy hasn’t tended to sit well with moviegoers.

In stark contrast, Uncut Gems is his second highest-rated film on the site, also standing at 92% – just behind 2017’s The Meyerowitz stories.

It was also Studio A24’s highest-grossing opening day release, grossing a total of $5.9m (£4.8m).

The subject of Hustle brought in additional creative staff in the form of NBA legend LeBron James.

The LA Lakers superstar helped produce the film as part of his company SpringHill Entertainment in conjunction with Sandler and Roth/Kirschenbaum Films’ Happy Madison operation.

James already has experience working in show business, having had a starring role in the 2021 space jam remake.

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