9 Directors Who Don’t Have To Make A Superhero Movie (But Should), According To Reddit

While there are a few directors, like Martin Scorsese, who will remain convinced that superhero movies aren’t real movies, most directors jumped into the genre like ducks to water. However, there are visionary filmmakers with a style so distinct that it’s almost impossible to imagine them directing a blockbuster superhero movie.

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Nonetheless, it’s something Redditors want to see. Whether it’s a Danish director whose offerings are full of sadism or a directing duo who make intentionally ambiguous films, they would actually make fascinating outings without irony.


Jordan Pele

Daniel Kaluuya cries and looks terrified in Get Out

Eucldian simply wants “Jordan Peele’s Blade.” And given Peele’s ability to expertly create drama infused with terrifying horror sequences, the choice makes sense. However, the director seems more interested in his own blurred area-influenced movies every couple of years only by joining a juggernaut superhero franchise.

There is a Blade film slated for release in the next two years, which will be directed by Bassam Tariq, who previously directed Mughal Mowgli, a drama about a British rapper. But while Tariq will surely do a great job directing, the thrilling and chilling horrors that get out and We the director’s book would certainly lend itself to the world of Blade.

Catherine Bigelow

Anthony Mackie as Sergeant JT Sanborn in The Hurt Locker (2008)

MonaSherry thinks Kathryn Bigelow should direct “Poison Ivy Tackling Climate Criminals,” and if there’s anyone who can turn Ivy into a badass antihero, it’s Bigelow. The director turned Jamie Lee Curtis and Juliette Lewis into action heroes in blue steel and strange daysrespectively.

But Bigelow isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility to direct a superhero movie. Although she apparently focuses on directing political thrillers like zero dark thirty and Detroit, the filmmaker has made some great action films in the past. The 1990s saw Bigelow direct Breaking pointand despite being full of grumpy actors and one-liners, the action sequences still hold up today.

Terrence Malik

SamJGetty1 has one of the most unique ideas of all time as they try to get inside the mind of a director. The Redditor half-jokingly mentions that they would love to see “Terrence Malick’s Aquaman with his octopus narration.” The joke references the filmmaker’s intriguing mix of hard-hitting realism and surrealism.

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One of the best examples of this is the story of an estranged brother intertwined with the evolution of humanity in The tree of life. But given that Malick shoots hundreds of hours of footage, so much so that, according to IndiewireAdrien Brody, who played a main character in The thin red linewas almost completely cut from the film, its Aquaman could feature anything but Aquaman.

Riley boots

sorry to disturb you

Boots Riley doesn’t have many films under his belt when it comes to directing, as he only has his directorial debut, sorry to disturb you, to represent his cinematic style. However, this film says more about Riley’s unique vision than some filmmakers’ entire filmographies. sorry to disturb you is a wild, thrilling and surreal comedy, and based on it, a Redditor wants to see “Boots Riley make a green arrow movie.”

Since some viewers were unable to complete sorry to disturb you, it would make for an intriguing adaptation of Green Arrow, to say the least. The erratic cuts, practical, dreamy settings and sense-assaulting musical score of Tune-Yards might be the movie DC fans didn’t know they wanted.

Denis Villeneuve

Paul Atreides looks up wearing a royal outfit in Dune.

Soal1 explains that they would like to see “Denis Villeneuve directing The Silver Surfer”. However, it’s not like Villeneuve has nothing to do with making a superhero movie. And even though the director strongly opposed superhero films, Dunes is not far from the genre. The film is full of actors who all play superheroes, such as Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight), Josh Brolin (Thanos) and Jason Mamoa (Aquaman).

Dunes also essentially sets up a cinematic universe and is full of visual effects and world-building, just like superhero movies. And seen how beautiful it is Dunes the cinematography is with its golds and metals, Villeneuve could also make such a magnificent Silver Surfer film.

The Coen Brothers.

Javier Barden in No Country for Old Men

ObiTate wants to see “the Coen brothers make a Punisher movie.” Although famous filmmakers largely create their own original stories, the character the Redditor chose is surprisingly fitting.

Since there are so many great villains in the Coens’ movies, The Punisher’s violent sensibility and dark, gritty tone would work perfectly with the directors’ trademark styles. However, since Joel Coen only directed the recently released film Macbeth’s Tragedyit is not known if Ethan Coen has retired or if he is just taking a break.

Lars Von Treves

NoHandBananaNo would like “to see Lars Von Trier write and direct an entire movie about Doctor Manhattan”. While the Danish writer-director has dabbled in science fiction before, as he did Melancholya movie about a planet hurtling towards Earth, isn’t exactly exciting for superheroes.

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by Von Trier Doctor Manhattan would be the most meditative superhero movie ever made. And with R-rated superhero movies growing in popularity, von Trier Doctor Manhattan might even push the rating to an NC-17. The director’s films are full of profane language, shocking violence and unsimulated sex.

David Lynch

Sadly, David Lynch hasn’t made a movie in years, as it’s been over 15 years since the release of Inner Empire. While the filmmaker’s surreal inclinations are more exciting to see in an original film, UncleWillard5566 thinks the director should make a comeback directing “the Polka Dot origin story.”

In all honesty, the depiction of the polka dot man in the suicide squad is as Lynchian as a comic book movie has ever been. The character’s odd behavior wouldn’t seem out of place with the population of twin peaksand the way he views everyone as his mother is something the fascinating director would have a field day with.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Weird Movies - Holy Mountain

JimmyOlsen1996 wants to see “Jack Kirby’s The New Gods directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.” Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of the most theatrical filmmakers of all time and is known for his surreal films Topo and The Holy Mountain. However, he is perhaps still best known for his defeats Dunes movie.

by Jodorowsky Dunes is often called the best movie ever made, because all of the wacky concept art and the movie’s incredible bible are available online. The New Gods would be fascinating to watch under Jodorowsky’s direction, especially since his films are usually full of mysticism.

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