8 Horror Movie Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

Horror movies are no stranger to being embedded full of mystery, and the following films are no exception to this rule. However, the difference with these films is that they contain mysteries that have not been solved, or that are not directly solved in the film from which they are taken. Often times, a horror movie is only as good as the mystery surrounding it, which creates the suspense and chills that viewers expect when buying a ticket at the box office.

Whether it’s a mystery that has confused and perplexed audiences since the film’s release, and has never really been clarified as to what its answer will be, or whether it will comes from something as simple as not knowing the integral parts of an antagonist’s character like what they look like or where they come from, it’s safe to say that horror mysteries come in many shapes and sizes .

Take a look at these weird and wonderful mysteries ranging from modern movies like James Wan’s Malignant, to decades-old mysteries from the Halloween franchise, and see which one seems the hardest to solve!

Alex Garland’s 2022 movie, MEN, definitely got different reactions from audiences around the world. Some loved him, some hated him, and some just didn’t understand him. It’s clear on the face of it that all of the men in the film, except for protagonist Harper’s deceased husband, are played by actor Rory Kinnear, which means they’re all the same.

We follow Harper, a widow who recently lost her husband in what appears to be suicide, and her visit to a country village to seek solace for her grief ends up becoming her worst nightmare. The film is full of pagan symbolism and iconography as well as strong ties to the Bible and the creation story. None of these aspects are particularly explained in the 100-minute films, but the biggest mystery of the film that remains unsolved is that of the village men all played by the same actor.

It seemed like an interesting premise before the movie was released, but falls slightly flat as the plot unfolds as it seems to have no direct connection to anything, and more importantly, doesn’t is not explained. It really is the perfect example of a film that is defined by what its audience makes of it!

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