26 books announce the New Jerusalem



By Henry Akubuiro

A Christian choir familiar to many songs of Jerusalem, my happy home. It is a reverence for this special place and a desire to be enveloped in its greatness.

Perhaps Christians no longer imagine this idyllic Jerusalem, because a new Jerusalem is about to be born in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s most prolific author and famous inspirational preacher Reverend Chris Christian and the Locust Army International family around the world last Sunday celebrated the church’s Silver Jubilee, which began in Kano ago. At 25 years.

During this period, the church has not only grown by leaps and bounds in terms of branches nationally and globally; he also produced a brain preacher in Reverend Christian, who has written the most books by a Nigerian author – 260 – and still counts.

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To the left of the new headquarters of the Desert Locust Army in Ajah, Lagos, is the Shekinah Bookstore which sells Christian literature. On the occasion of the church’s Silver Jubilee anniversary, the Shepherd, flanked by his deputies, led reporters around the bookstore after cutting the celebratory ribbon.

Tucked away on different shelves were the 260 books written by the author of Kano in Surulere, Lagos and Ajah, also in Lagos, places where he lived and still lives (for the latter) and where his writing career flourished coast side by side with his clergy work.

If the greatest validation a man gets comes from like minds, then Reverend Christian should cut off a carpenter. The church’s regional coordinator for the South-South, Reverend David Jedidah, told reporters at Shekinah Bookstore that Reverend Christian was a special gift to humanity of this generation with his intellectual and spiritual gifts. He prayed to God to continue to keep him alive so that Christendom would continue to drink from the source of its knowledge.

His words were in tandem with those of Reverend Victor Mark, who heads the Abuja branch of the ministry, who in his sermon asked, “Have you ever seen anyone, alive or dead, who wrote 260 books? ? Shepherd is the only man in the world to have achieved this feat. You don’t know how lucky we are to have him here.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of Locust Army International was both a celebration of the intellectual achievement and the growth of the church. Resplendent in his white agbada ensemble, the Shepherd of Locust Army International received a loud ovation when he appeared on the pulpit. Part of the day was his, and he wasted no time showing off his last 26 pounds.

Usually sought after by pastors around the world and consumed by Christians both inside and outside his church, hardly had the books been revealed when they were smashed by curious devotees at times. reduced fares. Even the best of book launches can struggle to beat the volume of copies exchanged in under 30 minutes.

While the enthusiasm shown by the faithful and the guests of the Grasshopper Army was unprecedented, the impatience to see the birth of New Jerusalem was at its height. From a humble start in Kano where he built the first ministry cathedral, Reverend Christian built a multi-story ministry building in Surulere where he stayed briefly before moving the church headquarters to Ajah onto land of land overlooking the sea, which was a dream come true, for he had prophesied it many years ago, even when the church did not have the resources to think about it.

Currently in Umuchu there is another multi-story camp capable of accommodating over 1,000 people at a time, which is nearing completion. But his latest move is to build a city of prayer in the new headquarters called New Jerusalem. When the idea was presented to the congregation on the Silver Jubilee anniversary, they made instant donations reaching millions of naira, including members following the online service from different parts of the world. They trusted him, because he had already done so.

Locust Army International’s Silver Jubilee anniversary also witnessed spellbinding art exhibits by children. In different groups, they entertained the congregation with choreography, songs and reviews of some of the author’s books. Not only did Reverend Christian shine that day; children also took the limelight.

The second segment of the occasion was the presentation of awards to a select group of faithful who had shown a rare commitment to church growth over the past 25 years.

Among the winners was the Reverend Victor Mark, “The Bulldozer of Immortality”. In his quote, he was described as “a priestly kingmaker and apostolic teacher with God’s mandate to raise emperors of the capital in accordance with God’s revelation of total dominion over the earth for this season.”

Pastor Sarah Emmanuel was another honored pioneer member of Locust Army International. She was commended in her quote as a worthy woman who “walked a difficult path to locate the Shepherd of mankind at a time when she needed foresight to have such deep knowledge.”

Such was her belief in the future of the church that she sacrificed her only car in December 1996 in Kano on the church’s first anniversary for the construction of its cathedral at a time when the church was not housed only in one room.

But the biggest hurray of the day was reserved for the Shepherd of mankind, the Reverend Chris Christian, described as “God’s father, mentor, teacher and arbiter for life and immortality.”

According to the organizing committee, “Reverend Chris Christian lives totally for God, Chukwu, to whom he has given everything that others appreciate. He’s a sacred eunuch with an oath of celibacy and poverty that he won’t own property or anything like that. His life is a showcase of transparent and unprecedented dedication to the Lion God.

“A sacrificial donor with a total commitment to the growth of the Apostolic Church symbolized by the Army of locusts. In addition, he is an unconditional lover of the word of God. A unique writer with over two hundred and fifty bestselling and life-changing books, some of which are currently in use in Bible schools and by many believers for their family devotions and as church leadership manuals.

Reverend Christian was further honored as a preacher “of an unusual breed, testifying to his character and vocation, not bestowed on worldly accolades but widely recognized and nonetheless recognized”.

Everyone who attended Locust Army International’s Silver Jubilee Anniversary went home with a souvenir. Each journalist received a copy of The third eye, a book that tells us, among other things, that “Third Eye men are the best of all generations. People lose the value of their lives when they keep looking at things they are not meant to see. ”

The author admitted to having written more than 200 books, but “The third eye is deeply inspiring and has the power of awesome enlightenment. Make it a must read.

As it has done over the years, Locust Army International’s humble headquarters, Ajah, could in a few years turn into a large seaside church, perhaps with many voices singing: Jerusalem, my happy home.

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