10 sci-fi novels that deserve movie adaptations, according to Reddit


The success of Andornew star wars series airing on Disney+, is another indication that speculative fiction, science fiction in particular, has something of a moment. In movies and on television, viewers want to see fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) visions of the future and other planets.

Some of the most notable science fiction and television films are, of course, adaptations of novels, by Frank Herbert Dunes at Isaac Asimov Foundation. However, as users on Reddit have pointed out, there are a number of other fantastic sci-fi novels that are ready to be adapted.


10/10 Red Rising – Pierce Brown

Besides being a golden age for sci-fi, it’s also a great time for dystopian fiction and films. In fact, there are already a number of great dystopian movies out there. by Pierce Brown red climbwhich focuses on an underling named Darrow as he tries to escape his dreary existence as a miner, seems to be brimming with on-screen potential.

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Lightsongtheold thinks that “red climb could make for a great blockbuster franchise for a major studio. Indeed, with its deft combination of action and biting social commentary, it’s the type of book that could make for a very compelling and thrilling screen adaptation.

9/10 The Mars Trilogy – Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is truly one of the giants of science fiction today. His March The trilogy is particularly beloved, as it follows a group of characters as they settle on Mars. Sprawling in scope yet intimate in detail, it’s a testament to what the genre can achieve.

Isaachwells writes: “I feel that KSR Martian Trilogy like a 3 season series would be nice too. In the right hands and with a studio willing to invest enough money to ensure that each book in the series has its own season, it could very well become one of the best sci-fi series on TV.

8/10 Jacob’s Ladder – Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth Bear’s science fiction, as the best the genre has to offer, manages to combine thoughtful explorations of realms of possibility with social commentary. In her Jacob’s Ladder trilogy, the residents of a ship must find a way to overcome their mutual antipathy or risk annihilation.

Sardiafalls has this to say about a potential adaptation: “Elizabeth Bear’s Jacob’s ladder the trilogy seems to translate to film in a very cool way, and isn’t incredibly dense like so many classics that make them difficult to adapt. Given how difficult it can sometimes be to translate the narrative and conceptual density of science fiction into comprehensible cinematic form, this sets Bear’s works apart from many others.

7/10 Hyperion Chants – Dan Simmons

Hyperion’s Songs by Dan Simmons are a series of rich, layered novels. The first book in the series is told in the style of The Canterbury Tales and, while it might pose challenges when it comes to adaptation, it could also create compelling on-screen storytelling.

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ResoluteClover writes, “I really like how they did Foundation so far and would love to see something similar for Hyperion.” Given the extent to which Foundation became one of the best series on Apple TV+, it’s easy to see how a talented writing team and big budget could do justice to Simmons’ visionary work.

6/10 Appointment with Rama – Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke is among those who can rightly be considered a giant of the science fiction genre. Among other things, he wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey, the basis of one of the best science fiction films ever made. As was the case with 2001Rendezvous with Rama is also a thought-provoking novel, but that’s precisely what makes it such compelling fiction, engaging as it does with the strange and the unknowable.

However, as APeacefulWarrior points out, “The writer would need a lot of work to make this a compelling movie/show.” However, given the success Apple TV+ has had with adapting Foundationequally dense work is something that is certainly achievable in the right hands.

5/10 The speck in God’s eye – Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Like most of the best sci-fi movies, The speck in the eye of God is actually a biblical reference (in this case to the parable “The Straw and the Beam”.) And, also as the best the genre has to offer, it explores what happens when humanity comes into contact with a other species.

Radioactive_Isot0pe writes: “Just started reading this one and really enjoying it. I thought it would be a great TV show or movie. If ever adapted, this film could join the other great science fiction films which have also imagined the meeting between two different species.

4/10 The Sparrow – Mary Doria Russell

by Mary Doria Russel The Sparrow is a fascinating exploration of the intersection between science fiction, faith and philosophy. Rich and textured in its narrative, it centers on a Jesuit missionary who embarks on a mission to explore a distant planet.

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Isaachwells is particularly enthusiastic about an adaptation of this, writing: “The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell could be great. In the hands of a talented director, this could be one of those sci-fi movies that makes audiences think differently about the world around them and their place in it.

3/10 Blind Sight – Peter Watts

Some sci-fi novels are more cerebral than others. This is certainly the case with blind vision which, among other things, probes the nature of consciousness. As such, it is one of those works that uses the conventions of the genre to explore new and sometimes uncharted territory.

EntangledTime writes of a potential adaptation: “Same and I want Villeneuve to direct. I think it’s a story that would interest him and knock it out of the park. Given how adept Villeneuve has already been at adapting sprawling works of science fiction, it’s easy to see how he would excel at such a project.

2/10 Pride of Chanur – CJ Cherryh

CJ Cherryh’s name has long been synonymous with speculative fiction. Much of his work is rich and textured, evoking new worlds and new races. This is particularly true of Pride of Chanur and the other books in his series, which truly immerse the reader in another world.

Neon_Otyugh imagines it this way: “Most female actors all wear motion capture suits (with one exception). Absolutely nobody who worked on Cats would be involved. Iggy Pop would be the voice of the Knnns. This type of work would certainly lend itself to some sort of visually stunning sci-fi movie, something akin to Avatar which, whatever its faults, is an undeniable piece of cinematic magic.

1/10 Dhalgren – Samuel R. Delaney

Samuel R. Delaney Dalgren is a fascinating, enigmatic and difficult book, but for all these reasons it is truly one of the great works of the genre. Focusing on a town that has been hit by disaster, it features a main character known simply as “Kid”.

Bob999 writes: “I would love to see a mini-series adaptation of Dalgren. Way too long and convoluted for a movie, but the extra hours (with a deft editor) might help capture this amazing book. As difficult as it may be, there’s no doubt that a TV adaptation of the book would do a lot to push the genre as a whole in new and fascinating directions.

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